Friday, May 24, 2013

If I could live anywhere in the world....

It would be here.

Well, maybe not precisely here, but it would be a place that looked just like that. Insert a tiny cabin, some fishing gear, a giant garden, and some Zombie-killing tools and I'd be set! Wait, would I get a cell signal/the Internet? I might have to re-tool this plan a little. (Wink)

Mt. Robson, BC. Taken on our last big road trip, as we were headed for home...

later loves

update: I should have mentioned that you really need to click on those photo sources. These are ladies who have small but successful and beautiful blogs. They are worth a moment of your day to go see what all my fuss is about. Trust me...


  1. Wow. Great shot of Mt. Robson. It's not usually so clear of clouds. So beautiful!

    P.S. You can come live with me any day. I might not have a cabin, but I do have a pretty lovely view and I'm visited by wildlife quite often.

  2. You would LOVE Canmore then! :D


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