Friday, May 24, 2013

If I could live anywhere in the world....

It would be here.

Well, maybe not precisely here, but it would be a place that looked just like that. Insert a tiny cabin, some fishing gear, a giant garden, and some Zombie-killing tools and I'd be set! Wait, would I get a cell signal/the Internet? I might have to re-tool this plan a little. (Wink)

Mt. Robson, BC. Taken on our last big road trip, as we were headed for home...

later loves

update: I should have mentioned that you really need to click on those photo sources. These are ladies who have small but successful and beautiful blogs. They are worth a moment of your day to go see what all my fuss is about. Trust me...


  1. Anonymous8:42 am

    Wow. Great shot of Mt. Robson. It's not usually so clear of clouds. So beautiful!

    P.S. You can come live with me any day. I might not have a cabin, but I do have a pretty lovely view and I'm visited by wildlife quite often.

  2. You would LOVE Canmore then! :D


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