Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life...let's try this again...

Okay, so I started it up again. I was going to try and catch up, and then (thankfully) Kayla shook that crazy idea right out of my head! I was just beating myself up about not thinking I had the time or the energy to catch up, and was feeling really low about it, and she called me out and said: "so don't." So I didn't. I just started fresh. And that was much better!

Here are weeks fourteen and fifteen...oh lordy, this is a long post!
 I tried something new this week. I added text to some of my photos right in my "photo-editing software". I chose a simple font that would stand out against the colours and patterns in the photos, but also looked modern and hipster enough for my liking. And I really like this! It saves me from adding sticker letters later, which just end up being crooked and covering up too much of the photo. This idea is a keeper!

I realized a little late that I had an extra photo for the page, and nowhere to put it. So I taped it on the edge of the card from our dentist visit, and made it into a little "interactive element"! And I got some extra journaling in there!

More text added to photos. See, a keeper. I should really write down the font I'm using there...
Highlights of Week Fourteen includeI got a new job! // My bikini came in the mail! // I made delicious cookies...and ate them all! // It was warm and then not warm, then it rained and then it snowed again! // I had a lovely coffee date with BFF // I took a First Aid & CPR course // Dude & I got our teeth cleaned! // and we also jumped in some cold and dirty puddles!

Ratio of "real camera" photos to Instagrams: 10 to 8

(k...you're at the halfway point. If you've made is this far, congratulations! Go grab yourself a sports drink, or some PB&J and jump right back in!)
More of the same really. Me being a dork and taking pictures.

Nicole sent me a lovely care package, and I included the card right in my spread! I love being able to include and memorabilia and little paper bits I (already) collect. It's nice that they can have a home, not only to remember the event/person/moment, but also so they get the heck off my dining room table!

I try and make notes right on the symphony program about what we/I thought of the night. This one was super boring! But the guest conductor was interesting. I put my scrapbooking layouts in my album, right in the week the events happened. At the end, in the middle, wherever it fits. Here you see a little snippet of one I did featuring Beers with BFF (a recurring theme in my life). I'll be adding some for the birthday party we attended on Saturday night as well.
Highlights of Week Fifteen include: Oilers game (asses handed to us) // Tried some fun new wine (drank wine...put son's underpants on my head...) // Dude makes laundry fun! // I got fun mail from Nicole // Symphony (boring) & beer (awesome!) with BFF // Happy 40th Birthday Cory!

Ratio of "real camera" photos to Instagrams: 0 to 9

FYI: Products Used:
- I use an 8.5 x 11 binder (free...from my Dad) as my "scrapbook album" so all of my page protectors have to be adjusted accordingly. I buy my 8.5 x 11 pages from Staples by the 100s. All of my layouts and a lot of my larger memorabilia go in these. If I can find a box at Value Village I know the gods are smiling down on me!
- The divided pages are 3.5 x 5 photo pages from the Container Store. My step-dad stocked up on them the last time he was in Houston, so I should be good for a couple of months! One week usually takes up at least two full pages for me (that's front and back...and front & back).
- I don't use an official licensed "Project Life" kit, so all of my product is scrapbooking stuff that I already have around the house. I see some Glitz in there, bits from a couple different Studio Calico kits, American Crafts, some of my In A Creative Bubble journaling sheets, and some other stuff I guess. Anything on my desk is fair game! If I do buy anything made for "Project Life" I always have to cut it down to fit.

And that is a little catch up on Project Life in my life...you're welcome Nicole!

Any questions about Project Life? Any questions about anything? How's your week going so far?

later loves


  1. Yay! It took you long enough, but I'll forgive you for forcing me to wait.

    Great advice from Kayla. Don't overwhelm yourself with the project. Do it when you can and when you're inspired. Who cares if you follow the "rules."

    These look great and I'm so excited that my card made it into the mix. Yippee!!

  2. Oh! And I'm totally stealing the text idea from you! It's brilliant and it looks so clean.

  3. Awesome!!! I started Week 14... yeah me!

  4. I'm so glad I could give you that good ol' friendly shake! Your PL is just so fun and inspiring, and as selfish as it may be, I'd be legit bummed if I didn't see your neat spreads in my feed reader every so often. :)

    I tried typing text onto my photos once, and while I liked how it came out, I always forget and am too eager just to send my photos out to Costco and hop in the car and go get them. I totally space on it every time. I prefer the handwritten, somewhat imperfect and almost impulsive feel of journaling by hand, but you did a wonderful job balancing the cleanness of the printed text and the handwritten goodness!

    Also I've definitely done the "this is the wrong week number" thing and love how you handled that with, dare I say, humor and grace? Yay for imperfectness!


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