Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From "My Head" to "The Web"

I have been on the Internet more than usual this past week! Some Pinning for Bliss-ologie (and myself), lots of mucking about for work (argh! last week!!), and lots of following links and seeing where they will take me.

And most of it is good...and most of it is inspiring, and has inspired me to tackle some items on my to-do list (or add some more), and has filled my mind with positive images and thoughts. It's funny what happens to your mind when you are in a transition phase. This week is my last week at my current job! Starting over and starting fresh can be scary, but it is also invigorating and inspiring! This change has really helped me believe in myself and my abilities, and take charge of the choices I have made. This proves that they were right on.

I have new energy! And this energy is translating into new ideas, and the drive to see those ideas through! I am trying my darndest to live in the moment, but I am also looking to the future and making plans for how I can ride this wave for as long as possible! Exclamation points!

Here are some fun things I have found...I hope they inspire you as well!

for today
I like cake! (surprise surprise...) The gals at work are going to "surprise" me with a cake of my very own on my last day of work. Simone suggested something from Wild Earth Bakery. Yes please!

for tomorrow
I don't know about you, but I need this t-shirt. Maybe I'll actually catch it back in stock one day! Of course, I don't think it's "work-appropriate"'s fucking Bill Fucking Murray.

for the summer
My summer goal is to run a 5k, my first ever! Eek! That's what you get for meeting with a personal trainer. Too bad this one is sold out!

for one day
Did you know that you can rent a treehouse?! For reals! This has to day!

Have you been super inspired to do anything recently? Are you riding a wave of energy, or have you reached a low point? Do you like Bill Murray too?

later loves


  1. I went and looked at those tree houses- AMAZING!!!

  2. Uh, so okay. Here's the deal. Jordan and I went to Big Sur for a little mini-honeymoon this past weekend, and we rented a cabin at a resort that we know and love. However, he came across a place where you can RENT TREEHOUSES and he told me about it and was like "but they're like, $1000 a night, so I'm not going to show them to you because they're too awesome and there would go our savings" which is legit. So I didn't google it.

    Until now.



    In other news, so glad you're feeling good and inspired! :D

    1. K, those tree houses are WAY fancier than the ones I found! Granted, I didn't check the rates. Being broke is SO NOT FAIR!! Dude was just so dang excited about the bunk beds...


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