Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Scrapbook Flashback

So, if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I went a big crazy in the scrapbook-shopping department a couple of weeks ago. This meant I had piles of pretty paper to play with. Which then means that I have to dig back through the photo archives to find pics I haven't played with yet and get gluing.

Here is a sweet photo from New Year's Eve...enjoy!
 We got home from Disneyland in the evening, around 6pm I think. I had been texting Mom, letting her know we got in safe and she let me know that my sister was having some family over for snacks and games. I called them up as soon as we got home, and ensured we would be cordially greeted when we arrived an hour or so later!
We were tired from the full day of travel, and the early wake up (like 4am or something ridiculous! Youch!) but Dude really wanted to see Jacob & Evan, and I really wanted to be somewhere other than in my own house for New Year's!

It was a fun, low-key night. Jacob was SO HAPPY to see Lucas, he pretty much just followed him around all night. I've got a good Instax picture of them snuggling in a big chair reading a book that I should find...hmmm. Oh. I see it on the wall. We're good!

I especially love ringing in the new year with my favourite guys! I had to teach Dude about the New Year's kiss. I even texted BFF to say hi. We caught up on our missed chats and I wished him a Happy New Year, but he fell asleep before the clock struck midnight! Oh my...at least I didn't have to watch Bieber on TV like last New Year's Eve!

later loves

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  1. Sweet memories. Your little boy is not so little anymore, is he?


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