Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Colour Me Happy

I love, love it. In my clothes, in my house, and most definitely in my art. Here are some of  my recent colourful layouts!
I will never ever get tired of watching these two play and interact with each other. Even though there is a huge age difference, they are great friends! Also, if I've learned anything since getting it, an iPad brings together people of all ages (wink!)

We made a special frozen yogurt treat at home after our Valentine's dinner (sushi). Dude had a good time adding gummies & butterscotch chips (only 3?!) & sprinkles. And I made sure to get some actual strawberries in there as well!

It's a funny coincidence that V & I were wearing similar coloured shirts...makes for much easier scrapbooking! HA!
Veronica's birthday party was Toy Story-themed, and there was tasty pizza, and I saw an old pic of BFF and it was totally fun! AND I got to snuggle with a baby...yay!

That's all for do YOU add colour to your life?
later loves

p.s. Shout out to Candace's blog, inspiration for this post's title! Love your face Hun!

p.p.s I realize this is the second scrapbooking-related post in a week and these just aren't proving to be that interesting to my readers...but that's just too bad! Cause I've got loads of these on deck and not much else to talk about


  1. I don't comment on these posts because they leave me with a small amount of shame for not maintaining any kind of scrapbooking at all in my own life, but I definitely love when you post them! Your layouts are beautiful, and your follow through is amazing.

  2. Hey, I like your scrapbooking posts! I've been feeling that way too with all of my PL posts being most of what I write about lately, but screw it -- it's just what's going on and IT'S MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT YOU AIN'T MY MOMMA, READERSHIP

    Not that I ever listened to my momma anyway. (Probably better off for it, too!)

    But I digress...

    And have lost my train of thought. Whoops!

  3. Anonymous11:53 am

    My favourite is the frozen yogurt page. I love how you wrote each ingredient around the edge of the bowl. It looks awesome.

  4. Your scrapbook pages are the best Lisa. The best.

  5. Scrapbooking! I just love scrapbooking!


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