Friday, March 01, 2013

It's that time of month again....March Goals!

1. Finish the bathroom reno. We got waylaid last month because our tile took way longer to get here than anticipated. I really want to finish this soon and move on to other projects. 2. Catch up on Project Life. I am so way behind on this! I started the year off strong, and then February hit and I hit a wall (apparently). My Project Life has taken on a Life of its own, and I need to really sit down, catch up, and re-evaluate. I love it, but I also hate it. 3. Keep my dining room table clear. I have a habit of dumping stuff here when it comes in to the house. And more often than not, it never finds its way to a real forever home! But we cleaned it off this week for Russel's meeting, and it FELT REALLY GOOD. I want to try and maintain that feeling for as much of the month as I can, hopefully turning it in to a good habit and keeping it up forever more!  4. Go to the Farmer's Market. I love going to the Strathcona Farmer's Market in the winter (all year long, actually), but I can't even remember the last time we went! That's a shame. It's a good way for the three of us to get out of the house and get moving on an otherwise lazy Saturday morning, and spend some time together as well.

I also want to Post my WORD for 2013. This shouldn't be a big deal to anyone but me, but it is a big deal for me. It feels private, but it also feels like I might need some support and some words of encouragement along the way. And what better way to find those, than by proclaiming it on the blog for all the world all 10 people who read my blog to see! And since I have already made progress on it, I want to share that as well.

January // February Goals Update-O-Rama
1. Go sledding. CHECK. And we've gone a bunch more times since then too! Russel even joined us on Family Day.
2. Make a snowman. Well, I was a day late on this one, but I did it! And her head promptly fell off that evening. Oh well. Guess who wouldn't join me...

3. I never did finish-finish my December Daily, but it is damn close....hmmm. I did a bunch more pages, and added some journaling, but it's not quite done. Maybe I'll get back into it once I've got a handle on "Project Life Documented" this month!

4.  Never rented any cross-country skis. Oops! But it was a noble goal, one that I will put back on the list especially now that I know the City runs ski workshops!

5. February was all about BATHROOM RENOVATIONS! We got a really good start on all of it, and made it to Tile World the first weekend to pick out and purchase/order our tile! And it still. Hasn't. Arrived. Boo-urns! So everything else is pretty much on hold until we know it's in town. I don't want to lose a bathroom for a whole month for no reason but to wait.

6. Our Bathroom Reno Timeline is beautiful. Russel put that one together. I am SO GLAD he is on board with this project! It's way more fun to do as a team.

7. That "white thing" is still in my house. Does anyone out there need a behind-the-toilet cupboard? I'm thinking at this point it's just going to make its sweet little way to the dumpster!

8. And I never had people over for dinner. That was kind of dependent on finishing the bathroom reno, so it will stay on the list and as soon as we're all done in that regard, the invitations are going out! I'm excited! Especially if I've stuck to my guns and kept the dining room table cleared....there will be less work for me day-of! Wheee!!

On Achieving have to make them public, and make yourself accountable. Telling people about your goals, writing them done, and keeping them visible to you (and fresh in your mind) helps you accomplish them and follow through. I may not complete all of my goals completely, but I make a good effort on all of them and I am getting so much better than I was even last year! I used to HATE making goals, because I didn't know how, and I didn't know what I needed to do to make them a reality. But now that I do, and now that I make goals without undue pressure on myself, I am much more confident about making more.

I believe in taking a million baby steps until you can take the big ones. And I took a BIG GIANT HUGE STEP this week and I have never been more proud of myself! And more confident in my abilities and my decisions and my power and control over my own life. Maybe I'll share it with you soon!

And that is all for today people. I was going to post a video, but I still have to make said-video (harumph), so it will have to wait until Monday. Ooh, bet you're just dying from suspense now, eh?! HA!

later loves


  1. Excellent use of "boo-urns." :) Way to go with your goal accomplishing!

  2. Anonymous11:16 am

    Gah. I need to do a post like this. I need some REAL goals in my life. I've been floundering a bit.

    Tell me your damn word for the year already, would you? I'm seriously dying to know!

    1. You'll have to wait until Monday....

  3. I'm super proud of you for what you've accomplished! I seriously need to do a post about my own goals (well, a post about anything would be a start really!). I'm excited to see how your bathroom turns out - I still think you're crazy - I'll never renovate again. EVER. However, if you and Russell survive a bathroom reno, you can survive anything - that I firmly believe :)

    I'm excited to hear your word! I'm doing OLW too but I haven't actually *done* anything about it yet... I'm sure you're surprised ;)

    Have a good weekend!!!

  4. I probably could take down the stupid shelf (and reuse it elsewhere) that has been above our toilet in the "main" bathroom and put to use the behemoth white thinger. Mike might not like it but guess what...weekends off mean things gotta get done! (supposedly)


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