Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fruits of my Labour

Karen: "So, when does red and plum go together?"
Lisa: "When I put it on."

Yep. Conversations at work.

I kind of am in love with this colour combo. I was initially planning on wearing a grey & black top with this skirt, but decided I need some COLOUR instead. So I swapped it out with my fave red patterned penguin top! (See more from this shirt here. Ha...No snow!...sigh...) And I was much happier for it...
Shirt & Skirt // Thrifted
Tights & Belt & Sweater // Joe Fresh
Boots // mall

Do you have a favourite colour combo that maybe gets "poo-pooed" on by your closest friends, relatives and the sassy lady at your office?!

I am enjoying all of these Fashion Posts! I hope you are as well...all of the recent ones represent a couple of week's worth of outfits, photos taken daily! Say what?! They are also helping me feel way more confident in my wardrobe, and secure in the knowledge that my shopping ban was well-earned (even though I kind of cheated and bought a shirt & pair of pants at Superstore the other day....shit...BUT they integrate seamlessly into my current stock and were just what I was looking for...oh dear!)

photos taken January 22, 2013. In my Mom's driveway. It was effing cold out.

later loves


  1. What do my friends tease me about? Probably every color combo ever, since I'm a weirdo. But i love your color combo! So cute!

  2. I was going to say I'm not so crazy with color but then I remembered my neon yellow jeans I bought the other day! Paul thinks I look like I'm not wearing pants but I think he's jealous!

    You look fantastic girl! However, I'm missing the whole penguin shirt thing??

  3. Anonymous11:08 pm

    This colour combo is to die for. You pull it off seamlessly! No teasing coming from this girl!

  4. The colors are great and I love the entire outfit!


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