Friday, March 15, 2013

I have the best friends! (and) Who Needs A Silhouette?

I was cleaning off my desk the other day (cleaning off does not mean clean, by the way) and I found this photo of Nadine taken at Kara's surprise birthday evening back in September. You see, we made a stop in a fun antique/second hand store on Whyte Ave and while wandering through the book corner Nadine noticed this book. This Vampire Diaries book. "Don't make fun of me Lisa" were the words that came out of her mouth immediately after the squeal of joy directed at KC & myself & any one else who would share in her joy.
I can't remember what was so awesome about the book - next in the series, couldn't find it at the library, fills in some blanks of the tv series - but it was a completely awesome find.

I only made fun of her a little.

Ah BFF. Thanks for being my forever symphony date. And thanks for putting up with my shutter-happy ways. You're the bestest!

Layout details: The "friend" heart and "BFF" circle were hand drawn and hand-cut by me and my trusty tiny scissors. Hence the "who needs a Silhouette?" portion of my title. With more practice (ie. more than twice) I hope to do more intricate designs. But I really just hope to not fuck up as much! HA!

later loves


  1. These layouts make me happy- especially the fabulous one of me ;)

  2. These are so awesome! You did such a good job and now I'm itching to try my own hand at a DIY silhouette! So good!


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