Friday, March 15, 2013

Bikini Brave

Well...I bought one...and I've got my fingers crossed...

Note to self: It doesn't take much courage to see something pretty on Modcloth, and hit BUY NOW. But I did it, and it counts, so there! We'll see what happens when the UPS man actually delivers them, and I have to put them on my body! But that's another battle!

Today is a GOOD DAY! I've got two, count 'em TWO, dates lined up with BFF this weekend - wheeeeee - and hopefully Russ & I are going to get started on the long-awaited bathroom renos! And when I entered "wookie" as a search term in the EPL database this book was on the list returned:

There's no way anything can ruin this good mood! Now, if only this damn cold would go away...and my printer would fix itself so I could print some photos and get caught up on Project Life...


later loves

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  1. Anonymous3:49 pm

    That suit is adorbs! Great pick.

    Have a lovely weekend, friend.


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