Monday, March 18, 2013

Be Cool! I mean, Be Brave!

Easy Action!

I am thinking of that most excellent scene in West Side Story, when the Jets get together after (spoiler alert) Riff & Bernardo are killed. All the boys are getting anxious to fight and to go do something. But they're interim leader (or whoever that tall guy was) says, fine, but play it cool.

I wanna bust! Bust cool.

I wanna go! Go cool.

I wanna fight! Fight cool.

And his advice - and his friend's high spirits - remind me a little of my "Be Brave" word for the year, and how I have been feeling toward it lately. I want to do SO MUCH and live SO LARGE, but I still feel the pull back of my doubts and my indecision. And some of that is great and good and I know that I need to listen to my inner voice and not just jump right in with both feet, before considering the consequences. But I also know that I can make the jump. That I have that strength within me....

I did a BIG BRAVE thing a couple of weeks ago. I quit my job at Treasured Memories, after being on the team for about 8 years. I cleaned out my cubby and returned my key, so this is for reals! It was one of the most difficult decisions I've made in a very long time, and I was feeling every emotion in the book. I was angry, and I was really sad too. But I was also proud.

I was so proud of myself for recognizing a situation that wasn't working for me, making a decision to my advantage, and following through with it! And knowing that it was completely the right decision. It felt so amazing, and I wanted to ride the high of those feelings for as long as possible.

But, as such things usually happen, by the next week my emotions were back to normal, and I wasn't feeling the immediacy and the urgency of "being brave" any more.

What can I do to help me "be brave" as much as I can? As best as I can? And to take advantage of those great brave feelings, without going crazy?! And still listen to the voice in my head telling me to take care, and to evaluate, and to be cautious.

Well. I started a Pinterest board....but that's only inspiring at the moment of pinning. So I have decided to take a two-fold approach to making this inspiration more immediate.

1. Print off some of those inspirational quotes & images, and post them around my house. On bulletin boards, and stuck to bathroom mirrors. In frames, and in my wallet. The best way to succeed at achieving your goals is to make them visible! And to look at them as often as possible.

2. Share them with you guys! My bestest girlfriend Nadine does a lovely "Lift Me Up Thursday" post every week. And I so adore this post, so I think I might do something similar. This gets me not only looking at inspiring things every week - as I choose an image to post - but puts it out in the world! And so far, for me, sharing this journey has been a huge help in making it.

later loves


  1. Good for you! I definitely know first-hand how difficult a choice like that can be... and, in some instances, how *simple* it could be "if only a, b, and c." I'll tell ya, the moment I had an escape route, I quit my job at the hat store STAT.

    What's most important is that you're doing what's right for you, and I'm glad you stood up for yourself and made a hard choice that will certainly benefit you in the long run. If you weren't happy, it's time to find out what will. :)

    Best of luck to you, lady! I'm proud of you for taking care of you!

  2. Anonymous12:04 pm

    (First, I just want to say how cool it is to see encouraging words on your post from one of my fave blog pals. It's just too awesome that you guys are now buds, too. Yay for community and amazeballs ladies!)

    Now, onto your post...

    High-five for being brave and making the choices that are right for you! Like Kayla said it's not always easy, but when you do it, by golly does it ever feel good. You are going to rock 2013's socks. I can just see you floating around a cloud of butt kicking, feel good vibes if you keep up with your word this year.



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