Thursday, February 14, 2013

So Ladylike

Sometimes on my way home from work - if I'm not going to the gym - I stop by my other job: Treasured Memories. To hang out, catch up, chat, buy stuff...whatever. Those ladies are my friends more than my co-workers, so I like seeing what they've been up to, and get in some face time.

And sometimes, I sneak around to their back lot and take some fashion photos! HA! (And sometimes I take fashion photos inside the store but that's a whole other post!)

You might remember this shirt from this post: What to Wear // Shades of Blue. I'm not sure how I like it better, but I'm thinking the belted look is winning out. This skirt is one of those things you buy and think "wow, that was an awesome find" and then put in a drawer and promptly forget that it even exists. Yep. I bought this skirt last summer (or fall?) and have worn it exactly zero times before this day! But it fits way better now, so maybe it's for the best!

And that is another January outfit...I did pretty good that month!

later loves


  1. cute! I love the denim over the skirt, very fun! I always find it tough to find good spots to take outfit posts in winter time because A.) I hate the cold, B.) There's not a lot of amazing places in my house to take decent photos, and C.) okay I'm just lazy ;) The outside of an old building would be perfect! Maybe in the Spring :P

  2. I love the denim shirt with the floral skirt!
    I tagged you to participate in the Leibster Blog Award! If you're interested here's the details

  3. Anonymous10:42 am

    Oh! I really like this outfit. The blue top is super cute belted over that never-before-worn skirt of yours.

    You're adorbs.

  4. You're too cute! The belt thing & I do not work! You however look fabulous!


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