Friday, February 15, 2013

Project Life Documented

I really don't want to call this "Project Life" any more, but if I call it something else - something Lisa-made-up - will you even understand, and will it make sense and am I just doing this to be difficult, and what if no one finds me on Google?! Ah Farty McFarterson. (which is something I actually say out loud on a daily basis...)

Sigh. Woe is me, right?

Anyhoo, here is my first couple weeks of 2013. I almost sort of totally stayed caught up in journaling, and saving (& dating) my Instagrams. I cannot commit to completing each week as it comes. I just can't. LIFE gets in the way of documenting said Life. It just does. I am a very popular person. And also sometimes incredibly lazy.

(cover page for the year...again, apparently)

Week One
Oops....looks like I missed some journaling. Oh well!
 (I don't like this spread. It's too matchy-match. But I am still loving my thrifted almost-4x6 photo pages!)

Week Two
I cut one of my thrifted almost-4x6 photo pages in half for this one. I'm liking it! Those are most of the tags from this magical VV shopping trip.
I'm still putting my actual layouts right in the book, in the week they belong. And sometimes I double up on photos. But I don't care.

Here's a couple of unfinished pages for you! You can kind of see how I organize things with sticky notes too. I'm going to need to yoink another stack from work soon...wink!

I will continue posting my Project Life // Life Documented layouts & spreads here on the blog. Along with tips and tricks I find useful, and other people who inspire me (and who might in turn inspire you!)

Things to consider...
- I am now keeping track of week numbers. We'll see how long that lasts.
- I am trying really hard to include the "little things", like new albums downloaded, funny things Dude says, etc. It's tough to remember to put them in the album, but I have at least been writing them down in my notebook.
- Writing on photos is my new favourite thing. It saves me having to use up precious pocket space for journaling cards, when I have so many dang photos to include every week and those pockets are a hot commodity.
- I am going to finish December, dammit!
- I need to learn how to take better pictures of this stuff. Lordy, these are bad.
- I don't care how many pages are happening at this moment. We'll see how my tune changes in March or so. I did get ginormous (free from my Dad) binders this year, so there's that.
- The envelopes and notebook idea is genius yo! They are keeping me on track, and keeping me (sort of) organized. My dining room table still looks like a hoarder's paradise, but we're getting there!

Any questions, concerns, considerations from the reading audience?

Didn't think so...wink!

later loves


  1. Anonymous11:37 am

    I'm so excited to get to work on mine... although, I must admit, I'm also nervous that I'll start and then give up. Time will tell how this little project will work out for me. I better start taking more photos and writing down my notes ASAP or else I'm going to have nothing to put in the ol' book.

  2. Anonymous11:37 am

    Oh! And, I love that photo of you with the blue scarf and toque. It really pops on that olive green card stock. I dig it!!

  3. Yeah!!!!
    It looks great so far!


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