Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stripe Stripe Stripe-ity Stripe!

Back to basics, I like to say. Strips are a simple, easy, basic pattern to wear and I was surprised to find I didn't have as many striped items in my closet as I thought I did! HA!

Edmonton has been strangely "warm" these past couple of weeks. And by "warm" I mean temps range from a balmy -5 to a nippy -10 (that's Celsius people....cause it's Canada up in here...). So I can get away with wearing my lovely Value Village sweater, that I snagged last time Nicole was up.

That goofy smile on my face is because Nicole is in town this week as well (yippee!!) and just after I took these photos - and worked out at the Spa Lady in whose parking lot said photos were taken - I got to meet up with her for bad food court Thai food and another trip to VV! Where I filled a cart, met some interesting characters, and spent a tonne of cash-money....but that's a story best left for another post!

 I feel sort of preppy in this outfit, which I'm not too sure about. Must be the khakis....

Now you must head off in to the interwebs sometime today to meet a group of lovely ladies, and see what they have to say about this whole plaid thing!

Abhaya // Sondra
Exploring Woods // Sarah
Gypsy in Jasper // Nicole
lala faux bois // Lisa
Like a Small Fire // Marcia
Salvaged Strawberry // Amanda

later loves

P.S. The cold is back today, but I stubbornly put my sweater back on this morning. I know now that I will regret this when I've got to head home and the snow & wind begin to blow around the -17 we're expecting to hit this afternoon. Could be worse!


  1. Yay! Stripes. Value Village. Bad Thai food and ME!

    You're so cute. If you do write another post about our VV adventure, be sure to include the button dress! ;)

  2. I love your layers here and the belt makes it extra cute. That first sweater is so amazing and it looks super cozy. Stay warm up there, girl!!

  3. I love your almost-striped sweater, too! :) So fun that you and Nicole got to eat and thrift together! So fun! xoxo

  4. That outfit is so cute! I love the colors, and that top layer looks like the most amazingly comfortable thing ever.

  5. So I totally love these posts! Am thinking... maybe I should join in? Won't have so many interesting things to blog about after my trip here ends!
    PS- Not too preppy at all, looks awesome!

  6. I know the post is about stripes, but that first sweatery/coat thing is amazing! I would steal that from you in two seconds if I could. ;)

  7. ooh, I like the stripes on the bottom of that pretty coral top. and tall 'em. I've been keeping my eye out for a pair, but have yet to find a good bargain, so the search is still on!


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