Friday, January 11, 2013

Scrap Paper: Notes on Scrapbooking

Do you have a hobby? Do you go through love-hate phases with your hobby? One day you're on a super high, ready to jump right in and immerse yourself in paper, glue, yarn, or whatever your material of choice. You just can't get enough. You eat up every piece of inspiration you can find, online, in magazines, in person. And you are super productive! And you complete projects! Complete them, I tell you!! And you feel like you're on top of the world and hope this feeling will never go away?!

And then you hit your saturation point. You hit a wall. You hit a creative block. But whatever you want to call it means that even looking at your supplies makes you groan. There is no inspiration to be found, and no desire to go out looking.

So right now, I'm so case you haven't already guessed. And what do I do to give myself the kick in the pants needed to get going again! I troll the CHA Sneak Peek blogs! Ack! That's so feels so "guilty pleasure" of me.

And then these alphabets are making my head feel light....
Maggie Holmes/Crate/American's complicated?

Please note there is a dark side to all of this window shopping of things that technically don't exist yet. I have put myself on a strict - and necessary - NO NEW SUPPLIES diet for the next little bit. And despite all of these beautiful "must-haves" entering the world, and breathing their first breaths, I cannot and will not break my own damn rule, dammit. This has a little of everything to do with the fact that I really desperately need to clean out my studio. And why add to the accumulation of "kibble" that's already in there?

All of this window shopping hasn't really made me jump right in just yet, especially considering I'm in the middle of a couple of really great books right now. But tomorrow I have a scrap-date planned with a blog-creeper (Hi Jen!), and hopefully we can have a chat about how I am apparently a real-life creeper...hmmm...NOT ON PURPOSE I SWEAR!!

later loves

p.s. Did anyone else notice the sneaked in reference to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. No? Well, first off, go watch Blade Runner. Then read that book. Craze-zee!


  1. I'm am so totally in the same boat with crafting. Before I came to Edmonton I was a crochet machine. In fact, I was supposed to finish three toques during the time I was here. I'm not even finished ONE. Eeep.

    I hope you have a lovely scrap-date.

  2. It was a fantastic scrap date! But, no chatting about stalking... hmm.. perhaps this is a conversation we should have before moving forward in our relationship? ;) Lol!

    And I am totally a blog creeper. I apologize! I won't make any promises to stop creeping however, cause, we all saw where my promises to update my blog more often went!

    As for inspiration loss - I think you did well last night! You did, what, three pages? I hear ya though - I haven't made anything lately - but today, hopefully that will change! I've cleaned my desk off and I'm going to *fingers crossed* make SOMETHING THAT ISN'T AN ACCORDION FLOWER! Ahh. I feel much better now :)


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