Monday, January 14, 2013

Disney - In layouts (part one...yeah...)

This is only the beginning, I'm afraid. I'll split this batch in to two posts, but only cause I like you so much! Or does that sound more like punishment....hmmm...?

Red & turquoise...still a great colour combo!

Journaling at the bottom reads: The story: Food is expensive in the parks, but you gotta eat! And sometimes the lines were super long, but we pushed through. Lucas really liked his giant churro & I am always a fan of a soft pretzel. I actually was surprised to see alcohol for sale in California Adventures...surprised & happy! It was a good beer! Oh, now Lucas is telling me his favourite was the giant ice cream cone from Sally's Cozy Cone Motel...oh my! It was all good...I was still full days after we got home! Not to mention all the offsite meals.....!!

I wasn't sure if this layout was finished, and then I took a photo of it....and it feels finished!

I'm still not sure how I want to scrapbook Disneyland. You'd think I would have figured that out before diving right in to these layouts! HA! I think I'm going to have a combination of layouts and photo pages, and I'll work on it until I'm sick of it and then it will be done! Like the last Disney layouts...which I am now trying to find on the computer....

later loves


  1. Holy XL churro, Batman! :O

    Do you have a cameo or a silhouette? I've considered maybe picking up a silhouette as a "yay tax refunds" purchase, but I'm not sure I could really justify the purchase. Please sell me on it? :(

    1. HA! All I have are a couple of amaze-balls girlfriends who give me their leftover die cuts! They both love their machines, but I will never be able to justify the cost. How are you with a craft knife?! HA! HA!!

    2. I'll sell you on it - GO GET ONE ITS AMAZING! Lisa just doesn't fully understand what she's missing ;) I use mine for EVERYTHING!

      And Lisa - um, hello - I love all your stamping - perhaps I should give my cameo a break and go use some stamps!


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