Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disney Layouts (part two of......)

Here is the second batch of Disney layouts that I finished this weekend. I did a bunch at the crop on Friday night, hanging out with Candace & Nadine & Jen. Some more came on Saturday morning...all my stuff was just sitting in the hall begging to be pulled out again! And then Saturday night was the TM Xmas party, so, well, you get the picture!

A "double-page layout"...some of you might know how I feel about matchy-matchy spreads, and I think this one is just right. I've even got a third one in mind to add to this! Also, the timing of this Studio Calico kit with the Ferris Wheel paper couldn't be better!!

Journaling reads:  We convinced Lucas to go on the the big Mickey ferris wheel, but not without some reservations on his part. He was worried about the swinging cars - which we "fixed" by choosing the "non-swinging gondola" line. And he worried about the height, which he continued to worry about the whole time! Oops....

Dude was NOT happy to meet any of his favourite characters. Not even McQueen could make him smile....once he got close to him! When we saw Pluto in Toontown and I made a beeline for him - wanting only to get my picture taken - Dude immediately exclaimed "I don't want to get my picture taken". Before we even had a chance to ask!

Journaling reads: I have fond memories of "it's a small world" from my 1st trip to Disney...mostly because it's so kitschy! HA! The 1st day we were here the line up was CRAZY! I can't even beleive it!! When we came back through on Sunday there was no line, so we jumped in a boat and were off. It was just as lame as I remembered, except this time with an Xmas theme!

I have a feeling that journaling is going to be super important with these layouts. I have loads of funny stories to tell from our trip, and I don't think the pics and pretty things will be enough for me to remember them down the road! Like how Dude stood beside Phineas & Ferb's photographer & cried while Russ & I posed. Or the creepy kids in "it's a small world" with their Christmas songs, and tacky gear. And how it loses some of its allure as an adult when you notice the colour of the ceiling tiles, and can see where the ride needs some maintenance!

later loves


  1. Keep em coming! I love all of the Dude stories especially! That kid makes me laugh :)

  2. Creepy doesn't even begin to describe that. It was 12 years ago for us and I still shudder when I hear that song.


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