Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mix & Match

I thought I would give you a brief respite from the Disney layouts. But don't worry...they'll be back tomorrow! Until then, check out how I rock polka dots, hot pink & houndstooth. And a vintage/second hand gold "Christmas balls" necklace! Ooh yeah!!

I took these photos in the parking lot behind TM. Yep, I'm classy that way. In fact, I think my last WTW post was conceived in a parking lot as well....hmmm. Anyhoo, that giant pile of snow behind me isn't naturally occurring or anything! Ha! We've got a lot of snow in the past couple of weeks, but not that much! It's the results of the plows clearing that parking lot. I thought it was a good impress my southern friends!

Now I didn't get a cute close up of my accessories outside - cause my butt was beginning to freeze off - so I grabbed one in the car before leaving the parking lot. And in one of them you can kind of see up my nose. So I deleted that. Which means you are left with...

Someone please explain to me why some shirts are lint attractors. This is a simple cotton shirt. I don't understand. And my cute bangles that I bought at VV with Nicole. Speaking of Value Village & Nicole...

You know how sometimes when thrift shopping you find that one terrifying item. That you just cannot believe exists, and was given life on this earth? This sweater/dress thing is it, my friend. In fact, I don't think I will ever get it's glory out of my head. I believe it is one of those handmade rarities that make it into the thrift store aisles. Those giant buttons? Hand-painted. Some of them even have thread stitched through the "button holes" for an added touch. And the little buttons are real buttons. There are easily 40 - 50 sewn over the entire thing. And yes it was stiff, and shapeless, and I really really wish I had looked at the price tag!!

This item DID NOT come home with either of us....unless Nicole snuck back while I was in the change room....hmmm...Maybe this isn't the last we'll see of the Button Dress From Beyond!

later loves

p.s. I will never forget the look on the lady's face who caught us in action, taking these shots. For a moment there she thought we were seriously enamoured with this monstrosity. That was a precious sight!


  1. First, I love you in pink and polka dots. So cute. I also applaud you for toughing out the cold. Those photoshoots can be ROUGH.

    Second, that dress. Oh! That dress. It's was so stiff and terrible. And that lady was hilarious.

    Man, I can't wait for more thrifting adventures with you!

  2. Oh!!! And I until this moment forgot it was a turtleneck on top of all of its other terrible style faux pas. Awesome. Just awesome.

  3. and I could have sworn whatever the person who made this was smoking was outlawed a long time ago............


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