Thursday, January 17, 2013

Disney in Layouts...the last for a while!

So these are the ones I finished Saturday night, at the TM Christmas Party. I was the most productive scrapper there, as I managed to finish four layouts....and that was on two beer & a glass of wine! It was nice just to hang out and catch up with all my fabulous friends that I don't get to see nearly often enough. And also scrapbook. Bonus!
I think palm trees are amaze-balls! Whenever I get somewhere that has them in spades, I get all excited and take lots of photos of them. Yep, I'm that tourist.

And speaking of smiles....
This is another layout that I wasn't sure was finished until I took the photo. I might add some red stitching somewhere, but it's good. A lot of the pictures of Dude & I are ones I take myself (with my short T-rex arms) and he doesn't necessarily notice that I'm making a face, or trying to bite his head or whatever. Yep. Giant dork over here! Also, Hi Candace...Nadine gave me the leftovers you gave her. So...thanks?!

Speaking of "giant dorks"...
Dude, Russel & I really got our geek on at Lego Land! All those Star Wars lands & figures! Harry Potter & Hagrid!!! Ooh baby. And while this one technically isn't of Disneyland, it all happened during the same trip, so fair game!

And while I am technically not sick of scrapbooking this trip yet, I will take myself a mini break. At least from posting the layouts on here! Ha!

later loves


  1. Anonymous9:36 am

    Lego Land looks amazing. I would be all about that place!!

  2. love the pages, and your face in the smile one makes me SOL= snort out loud. Love what you did with the negative!you are amazeballs!

  3. I'm loving your LO's. Not sick of them at all. The words on this page are SO kewl. And I'm THAT tourist too. That's the way it should be. ;-)


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