Thursday, December 06, 2012

November Book List

A week (or so) late, but who's counting!

Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy by Stephen Leacock (borrowed from Dan)
Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson (second hand)
Small Gods by Terry Pratchett (iBook)
Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett (iBook)

I have the distinct feeling that I am missing a book. That I read another one in there that I neglected to write down....hmmm.... Don't ask me what it could be, or why that might happen. I only have about 3-5 books on the go at any given time. How could I possibly neglect taking note of the completion of one of them?

Sarcasm sign deployed.

Terry Pratchett is my newest favourite writer! I am jumping around his Discworld books right now. "Jumping around" because stupid iBooks doesn't have a bunch of the first 10, and then the rest aren't listed by date of actual release, but by date of iBooks release. Which is a pain in the arse if you want to try and read them in some semblance of "order". I have sort of given up on them for the time being and bought the first in the Ursula K. LeGuin Earthsea trilogy...more on that later! I just can't get enough of wizards apparently.

I was really looking forward to Snow Falling on Cedars. But it took forever to really get into the story. And then once I finally got interested, and invested in the characters, and thought it was going to come to this awesome climactic ending, it just sort of ended. Hmmm. Whatever. Not a re-read, but a very beautiful look at small town relations between Americans & Japanese Americans after the War. I mean, it was a very beautifully written book, but kind of boring too. Know what I mean?!

And what does December hold for me, you might ask? Well, you probably won't, but I'll tell you anyway! I've got 3-5 books on the go right now that I hope to finish up before the year is up. I'm thinking I might just make my "20 Must Be Borrowed/Second Hand" goal! Whoppity do da day.

Also, I have to read The Hobbit before I go see the movie, which is coming out on the 14th! EEK! I'm not much of a movie-goer, but this one is on the "must see" list. I just love wizards. And short guys with hairy feet? Don't go there......!

later loves

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