Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas is Coming People!!

I went and spent a bunch of moola over at Etsy a couple of weeks ago. For Christmas presents....I swear! And none for me. Well....maybe one....HA!

And I got all of my packages back last week! Yay!!

But that just reminds me that I still have lots to do....good thing most of the people I shop for are as easy-going as me. Or have lists. I actually love buying presents for people, and sometimes my best laid plans are a little too overwhelming! For me and maybe for my giftees as well...

You see, I had the bestest best idea for BFF for a Christmas present! But I am not going to go through with it! Now, that may seem weird, but I think you have to keep in mind a person's "gift threshold". What might seem like an amazing gift in your books, may be too much ($$ or thought-wise) in the recipient's. Food for thought...

And some people just really love the whole shebang and enchilada and whatnot!

In all of my "travels" the other day, I found a new little shop. That's close to home to boot. True North Post is a great blog read as well! And it comes with a gorgeous personal blog as well: Jeni & Tim. I love writing and receiving letters! It just about makes my day.

Speaking of that, I still have my Christmas cards to plan and make this year! I usually send out about 70, complete with letter and family photo. Oh dear....that reminds me. I still need to write that letter and take that photo! HA!

Do you send loads of Christmas cards or just a few to special family &/or friends?
Home-made or store bought?
Don't you just love the Christmas Letter/Family Photo Combo? (wink)

I am collecting addresses as well. So if you have moved recently (ahem...Jill) please forward me your new address, so I can get you your card/letter/photo in the mail before the deadline has passed! And if I didn't know you last year, but now we're best buds this year (ahem...Jen & Candace) send me your address

later loves

p.s. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of reading poor grammar on Facebook and Instagram. People, honestly. Your grammar is terrible, and you're going to earn my ire for it. And to my friends who know exactly what I'm speaking of, there is no reason for their grammar to be so terrible, amiright?! They're really driving me crazy!


  1. Hahaha. Your post script is my favourite. I feel like I could complain about poor grammar for hours on end. People suck. Why didn't they just pay attention in elementary school!?

    I make my Christmas cards... and no, I haven't yet, but I intend to do that this weekend. Fingers crossed I can make the time. Good luck with your letter and fam photo!!

  2. I've never gotten into sending Christmas cards, although I made a few ink drawn one year for my Etsy and they didn't sell :( so I didn't try it again :P haha.
    As for grammar....I'm SO with you. Especially if you're in a professional setting...drives me crazy when people can't get it right. What is the deal? ;)


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