Thursday, December 27, 2012

MY December Daily

Even after I swore to myself I would NOT attempt another December Daily - after last year's epic fail - I saw Jen's beautifully constructed book and I pretty much immediately started work on my own!

For those of you not "in the know" the December Daily phenomenon was started by Ali Edwards ages and ages ago, as a way to document the Christmas-related, day-to-day events and moments that seem to fill (her) December. As with most of these things, I find it ironic that we seek to fill up one of the busiest months of the year with more to-do lists! Sometimes I feel like the only thing I have to document in my December Daily is how I've been working on my December Daily! HA!

Moving my cynicism aside, I do enjoy this endeavor. Mini albums are always good in my books. And worth a little sacrifice...of sleep mostly. And time when I could be doing the dishes!

You will notice that I only posted pics of the layouts up to December 10th. I am NOT that far behind! These are just the pages I wanted to share, and show the first week of the project. I spent some more time working on it before we left on our "holiday", and plan to add the finishing touches when we get home. I am NOT going to add Disneyland into this book! Oh my, that would just be too much. Disney gets its own mini.....wink!


Some housekeeping notes:
- The album is super old Making Memories, and was a demo for a (kid's) class I taught at TM.
- The thick transparency sheets were "donated" to me! I have no idea the company/brand. Each week begins with a new transparency.
- I scraplifted the first page from Jen & the stripes are inspired by Elise
- The 4x6 photo pages are American Crafts
- I print all of my photos at home. The square ones are all Instagram.

I kept most of my embellishments ridiculously simple! One of my December Studio Calico kits came with the pack of vellum numbers. So when I saw those I sort of went: "duh" and have been using them ever since. And then I discovered the hole in the bag...but I think only one number is missing for good!

I'm trying not to be too picky with matching colours and stuff. This project is way too overwhelming as it is! I just grab what's handy - literally - and start gluing things together. I am trying to keep the events documented limited to Christmas-related things. Or December-specific things. Project Life will pick up all that other stuff. Yes....I still plan on finishing up Project Life for the year. But please don't ask me when that will happen...Dear lord....what have I got myself in to!

Thinking about this project, as well as Project Life, and coming to the end of the year I find myself thinking about how I want to incorporate these kinds of long-term, daily scrapbooking endeavors in to my life. Or if I want to continue with them at all! I really enjoyed Nadine's latest PL post. I still have a PL post planned for you (!!) and will have to think hard over the next week on how I want to tackle it in 2013.

later loves

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  1. Um. Hello! Love it!

    And you totally didn't scraplift me, cause I totally stole that from Ali E, but thanks for thinking I am that brilliant!

    Also - congrats on getting more pages done then I did - I'm at four. Yep. Four. And they aren't even done done. OOOOOOOPS!

    Sorry for my lack of comments lately - I basically have ignored the computer for the past three weeks... Too busy. Plus I can't stand the state of my scaproom at the moment (it's insane!) - with that said, I'm starting a Project Life (yeah, i can't be bothered to go back to that post and actually post this paragraph there...;)) Group on Sundays, which will consist of me forcing my sister to get on hers, and you're more then welcome to join and come oogle my kitchen and bring friends too!!!

    Annnnnnyway, off to catch up on you and watch your vlog (THAT YOU NEVER MADE!!!!!!!!!) :)


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