Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Back in November...

Russ & I went to a little cabin out on Pigeon Lake for some games & booze with his buddies from work (and their friends). After the panic attack I had on Friday night as a result of realizing I was going to be in a room full of strangers in a couple of hours (among other reasons....) I had a lovely weekend! Morgan even catered to my ridiculous dietary requirements!

We totally got "lost" going out there. And I'm going to go ahead and blame it on their inadequate signage and outdated internet map. Somebody should have told us we were looking for the did feel like we were in a horror movie! We passed the entrance to the cabins four or so times, and finally just had to call Stu and get him to talk us in....and then jump out at us in the dark holding a beer, but we stopped the car in time!

Stu & Morgan are veritable game-collectors. There were bags and bags of games to be played. And they loved the one I brought the best! Whee!! So we played Cards Against Humanity twice that weekend and left most of the other games in the boxes. It was less funny the second time, and I really (really) suck at it, but it was still good times.

And speaking of the cemetery...

I went for a walk in the afternoon on Saturday, and headed straight for the cemetery at the end of the road. There are some historical graves, but a lot of recent ones as well. I found one that was still just a pile of earth....

The "back door", if you will! If I remember correctly, it had been snowing heavily that day and for many days before the trip so the snow was deep and there are no paths. I brushed off a lot of tombstones to read names & dates.

After I wandered around there for a bit - and saw a deer in the distance - I headed down toward Pigeon Lake. It was still pretty early in the season, so I just stood at the shoreline, not trusting the ice just yet.

And then I was getting cold, I had to pee, and the battery on my camera died so I headed back to the cabins! It was a fine weekend away. Comfy clothes, quiet mornings, good food, great company.

And I even got some stargazing in..."with BFF" (via text). The stars are so beautiful on a clear, cold winter night out in the boonies! Maybe I'll get another one of those before too long!

Do you guys enjoy a games night out with friends?
What's your favourite board game?
Do you hate board games, and think they are the spawn of the devil...??

later loves


  1. Board games are the best! My partner and I have been playing Carcassonne a ton this year--it's a lot of fun!

  2. We play Cards Against Humanity, too. It's so hilarious. Ian has written about 100 of his own cards that we're going to get printed so we can have an extended edition!

    I love games nights. We usually do them every Saturday.

  3. This is possibly the creepiest comment I've left...but was this trip to the cabins at Rundles Mission? If yes...we were out there for a family reunion in August, it was SUPER fun. (also there was a creepy dirty "outhouse" across from the lake where the playground is....Lili used it out of necessity, but nobody else had to go that bad, even a pregnant sister-in-law)


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