Thursday, November 29, 2012

What to Wear: Snow Day!

Part One
This seems to be a very fitting post, considering all the snow day stuff I have been getting up to lately!

Please note: I hate winter coats. I remember going with my Dad every year when I was a kid to buy a new winter coat. This is post-divorce, and was something he really enjoyed doing with us girls! I never got the right one. Not once. I could try on a dozen, and pick the "best", but in reality it was always either too short, too long in the arms, or too tight. Or too manly. Or too girly (yeah right...). Or too green.

And, to be honest, the tradition has continued. Not that my Dad comes coat shopping with me, although that might be completely awesome, come to think of it!

But this year, oh wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I bought myself a beautiful, warm, flattering, cozy coat! And I almost can't bring myself to wear it out! HA!

Part Two
K. I finally got around to taking some photos! Yay! It's about minus 12 celsius right now, which for you Yanks means 10 Farenheit. Yep. Damn fricken cold, that's what we call that. I'm not sure what it "feels like," which is Canadian for "wind chill factor", but damn fricken cold is appropriate for now! Also, this isn't even the worst of winter up here....oh yes.

So tonight, I was out for drinks with BFF....and...well.....yep. This is FormerlyLisaS after a couple of fancy beers!

"Who's that? Champion of the skies? Man of truth in a world of lies! Conquering everybody's fears, with the help of the Adventurekateers!" It's a me!

And yes....I did fall on my ass. But only once. And it was pretty awesome! My hands were so cold by about the second photo, but I stuck it out. Maybe I should have just stopped there...wink!

FYI...Coat & Scarf//Sears. Mittens//Marks Work Warehouse. Headband//Splure & Co. Jeans//Value Village. Boots//Mall. Glasses//Coastal.

This coat is so warm. So very warm. Snow day up here means warm coat, boots, scarf, mitts, toque and whatever else floats your boat. If I was actually headed out to do some kind of actual snow activity instead of just drunk pictures, I would have my actual snow boots and some snow pants on. For sledding & snowman building, etc.

This reminds me.....I still need to find me some snow pants.....

Maybe one of these ladies can direct me to the nearest snow pants depot...although for most of them, I think they'll just be jealous of us Canucks and our actual snow days!! We were supposed to get about 10cm of snow today, and there is another 10 in the forecast for tomorrow. So far, not so much, but as you can see there is still lots left over from our last snowfall. So lovely, but not quite ready for snowman building.

The list again...

These ladies are quite fab, and worthy of your love and attention...and happy helpful comments!

later loves


  1. Wow! Love your new coat!

    I totally feel your "never find the wrong coat" pain. I'm forever buying the wrong one. Luckily one I bought a few years ago that never quite fit properly totally fits me this year! Hurrah!

  2. Oh my goodness! Look at all that snow!! I love this so much. We should all only take outfit photos after having a few beers. They'd be so much better. hah. Have a great weekend, darlin! xo

  3. This post made me laugh out loud. I love love love love it so much. I think you need to bring the fam to Jasper this winter so that you and I can do a photoshoot in the snow (after a couple beers). I see snowballs, snow angels and face washes in our future!! ;)

  4. Oh wow- that looks unbelievable cold and it's barely even winter! But you manage to look really cute and have fun doing it, and beers always help with the cold! Love the coat. You are so funny and I love all your Canadian-isms ;) I can't direct you to a snow pants depot but I can tell you where to go for a warm break from winter...

  5. It's the complete opposite here, I love getting winter coats! And you use the word toque too, so I guess it must be Canadian. I had to google it when I saw it in Nicole's post haha. Minus 12 though IS freaking cold. (By the way, I love that you use celsius instead of fahrenheit.)


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