Friday, November 30, 2012

Light the Lights

Date: Saturday, November 17
Location: Churchill Square & City Hall. Downtown Edmonton.
Event: The grand and ceremonial Christmas tree lighting and fireworks.
Weather: Fricken cold.
The Square was filled with kids, parents, and grandparents. And some random teenagers. And these cool folks on stilts. And lots of people not dressed appropriately for the weather! It was chilly when we got there shortly after 4pm, and the temperature kept dropping throughout the night, until they (finally) got that damn tree lit around 6pm.

Lucas & Jacob joined all the other kids & irresponsible parents on the not-yet-flooded skating rink in front of City Hall. Patches of bumpy ice abounded, which was super fun for slipping on. And falling. Of course. No injuries...until later in the evening! It was busy inside City Hall, as this was the closest place to go to get warm!

Finally! The tree is lit. It is a sad, scrawny tree. But what it lacks in breadth, it makes up for in height...I guess. Followed by some fun fireworks. The boys loved this part. Lots of cheering. Even Evan was watching!

It was actually a nice night, despite the frigid temperatures (which I guess could have been a lot worse).

After all of that, we found out way back down to the LRT (oh man...that was a pain in the ASS!) and headed back to our cars at Century Park with what seemed like at least half of all the rest of the revellers. (The other half took the northbound train...). Then to Mom & Heath's for dinner. Family fun at its finest.


later loves


  1. You are a way cooler mom then I am ever going to be. I do not do cold. Ever. I'd much rather stay inside and be warm. Warm is much better. So when I pop some babies out, you can take them with your little man to these cold outings! :)

  2. i love those journal/scrapbook pages that you have created! they are beautiful.


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