Monday, November 26, 2012

Looking back...

Cause that's what scrapbooking is good for...

My birthday date with my boys. Dude being goofy (cause I was being goofy, as per usual). Leaves starting to turn. Warm sun and a cool breeze. That smell of fall in the air.

Let's go even farther back. It's lake time, people. In the heat of the summer. Beautiful, late sunsets. Clear skies and bright stars. Soft grass under foot. Goddamn mosquitoes everywhere.

I did up a little post on the TM Inspiration blog last week, featuring these two layouts, and chatting about "pieces of flair"...because that's how I roll, my friends.

Thanks to Candace for the "Hey Dude" button. It's perfect. Oh man, I love those photos I took of Sir back in September. With his toothy grin, and his damn crocs.

later loves

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