Friday, November 23, 2012

One Year Later...a vlog

I thought I had at least done one vlog this year, but it is looking more and more like I haven't! What the deuce?! I mean, maybe I have, but I am too lazy to go back through all my terribly categorized archives and do some real digging. Yep.

And I'm sure you really missed me blabbing on and on about my clothes or my misting techniques.


So, do I sure have a treat for you! This is me blabbing on and on about carving stamps. Ooh la la, right? This one's for you Ginger!

I was ultimately inspired to try my own hand at carving stamps - many moons ago - by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer & Alisa Burke. These two ladies can do amazing things with carved images! Wow!

And then there is me....

And here is the layout I made later using the stamp. I totally had "Instagram hashtag" in mind when I made this guy. And while this layout has no Instagram photos on it - details - this is a hashtag I use quite often. And I think it describes these photos quite well.
And that is that.

updated! I made a second layout later that's just as awesome, but it shows the stamp turned on its side and cut out. Dude!

Same idea with the stamp on this layout. One Instagram photo, and a much used hashtag! What would Instagram be, if it weren't full of food pics?!

later loves

p.s. I checked again, and I did do a couple of videos back in January. So there!


  1. This video is pretty great! I love it. I don't imagine I'll carve my own stamps but you just never know! Crazier things have been known to happen.

  2. i LOVE BOTH YOUR lAYOUTS SO MUCH!!! And your video was super cute!!! I may try my hand at it. I took a class on this before at the Alberta Art blahbbitty blah with my MIL. I did clouds and the old pointy finger hand. Will have to instagram them tomorrow for you :)


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