Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Caps For Sale!

Well...not really. But that was the first "pop culture" reference that popped in to my head for this post. (See below for a cute story about Caps for Sale!)

SO, I made this mini album the other day, with the intent to sell. Is that illegal? Anyhoo, I think it turned out pretty darn awesome...

And here is a sampling of some of the pages to expect....the non-cutesy Instagram version!

You get about 24 pages/inserts/dividers to play with. All the embellishments and paper are included in the kit, and I have even pre-stamped and stitched some of the pages for you! Ooh la la! This little guy is perfect for documenting your Christmas, and can even accommodate a "December Daily"-type project!

On Sale NOW at Treasured Memories (in store only). And by "NOW", I mean later tonight after I get a chance to drop it off....so give it a minute will ya? I know you're all "chomping at the bit" and whatnot. Wink. There are only THREE available, so if you really want it, best get it while the getting's good.

Funny Story About Caps for Sale. It's my favourite childhood book! When I saw it in Chapters a few years ago I snatched it right up....I remembered it's whimsical story from when I was a kid and hoped that I could share that with Lucas. I still get a little choked up at the end when the....well, I don't want to spoil it for you. You'll have to just read it for yourself!

later loves

p.s. on the weekend, Dan & I were talking about phrases, sayings & words that no one uses any more (like "dag nabbit" and "drat"). I think I used a whole bunch in that paragraph up there....so, either I'm bringing them back, or I'm just an old person in disguise!


  1. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Ohhhh. This looks amazing. Good work, Lisa.

    If I lived in Edmonton I would definitely be snatching one up.


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