Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dude + The Captain

Date: Friday, November 16
Time: After school
Location: Silverberry park
Cast of Characters: Dude, Captain, Auntie-Momma
Purpose: Sledding! And general snow-related shenanigans!

I was a busy lady that week, in terms of being outside and enjoying this lovely winter weather we've been having! That Wednesday Dude & I went to our hill after dinner. And on the Friday I had a stroke of genius at about 2:40pm, and called Amy to see if maybe Jacob would be interested in going sledding with Dude & I after school! So I threw some sleds in the trunk, picked up Dude, and headed out.

Jacob was excited to see us, and we quickly got all suited up to head out. I had to pull the Captain in one of the sleds all the way to the park. He is slow on a good day, but today he was all bundled, so his little legs just weren't having it! Him and Dude chatted on the way there, and Lucas was a great helper in making sure we crossed all the streets safely.

We stopped at the short (short short short) hill right beside the playground, and made it down the hill once before Jacob decided he would much rather play in the playground. So we did...and Dude joined us! We tried a slide or two, put out some "fires" with the big firetruck, spun around, and licked some fabulous icicles. And inspected all the rabbit turds...of which there were plenty!

 Dude got bored in the park before too long, and headed back over to the hill. He got in a bunch of runs before Captain & I headed back over to him. Jacob was more interested in laying in the snow, or digging snow with the sled, or laying on the sled. He kept falling over, then saying "I'm okay" or "help me help me"...kind of completely adorable-like.

Once I got cold enough, and could tell Lucas was slowing down I put Jacob in the sled and we started back for home. He walked part of the way, and picked up some lovely blocks of snow. Dude led the way and made sure we crossed all the streets safely again. I see a "School Patrol" uniform in his future!

I told Jacob that he should call me whenever he wants to go sledding again. And on the car ride home, Lucas suggested we invite Jacob over to our house to play one day.

Those boys sure are good kids....

later loves


  1. Cute!! He would be adorable in a school patrol uniform. Aw! I love that thought.

    Your coat looks great, by the way. :)

  2. I love your scrap/art book pages. They capture the memories so well, and the layouts are gorgeous :-) Sounds like it was a fabulous day

  3. Love the scrapbook page!! I can't scrapbook for my life (aka. have never given it a legit shot), but I love your style! Super cute :)


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