Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wandering Minstrels

I wrote up a whole post for the TM Inspiration Blog about using your stamps. It's fine, if you like that sort of thing. I thought I would share those layouts here, just in case some of you aren't also loyal TM followers.... there it is. Originally posted here.

And here's the story:
Location: Somewhere around Ucluelet, BC. This trail has a fancy name that I forgot.
Weather: Windy, as we were right off the coast. The open ocean mere moments away.
Parties present: Dude, Russ, Me.

We found this trail to wander on while putzing around Ucluelet one day. While Russ powered on ahead, Dude & I did the thing we do where we skip and sing and generally act goofy. And stop to look at slugs (OMG there were so many and they were so huge and slimy...and awesome). And then we would lose sight of R, and have to run/race to catch up, making a game out of it. I would point out funny trees, or dead trees. And mushrooms, fungi and general weirdness on the ground. Lucas enjoyed finding the teensy weensy ferns growing in a shaded, tree carcass. We tried to find the smallest fern, and then the largest. Or the weirdest leaves. And then we found this tree that had been shaped into a chair right on the side of the path! What else could we do but stop for a photo op? Self-portraits are the best.

later loves


  1. Heh, we went to Ucluelet this past April and all I remember is bad sushi and beautiful views.

    1. We ate Chinese food with all the fisherman one night in this dive restaurant. No sushi for us. We did try "Ukee Dogs" though...strange, giant delicious hot dogs!

  2. This is TERRIFIC! With a capital T!


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