Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall is...

.....pumpkin things (granola! cookies!)

.....discovering new blogs (like Light a Candle & Smitten.....fellow Edmontonians! Whee!!)

.....scarves & boots

.....cozy socks

.....scrapbooking & crafting

.....almost over!

Edmonton gets a strange fall season. Summer lasts late into September around here, and we sometimes still experience high 20s in the first week of October! And then the leaves start to change colour and then pretty much completely change overnight. And then the photographers come out, while they can. And then it snows, and gets damn cold. Not "effin cold". Not yet. Just "damn cold." Sometimes this takes a month or so. And sometimes we get all of this happening within a week!

The day you find your first red leaf on the ground. The day you feel the first cold nip in the air, even though the sun is shining bright and golden. The day Starbucks starts serving the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and all your favourite food blogs are in full-blown pumpkin mode. The day you have to actually turn on the furnace and just cannot tough it out in scarves and sweaters and layers any more? That's the day you know fall is here!

And then it's gone before you know it! So you best take advantage of it while you can!

I like fall because of the potential. A change of seasons means, ultimately, a change in how the world looks, a change in activities, a change in perspective. I like looking at the new season like I do the new year. I make goals, or at least revised to-do lists. I feel the urge to start something, or try something new. I always want to craft more, and drink more coffee, and meet up with my friends before the craziness that is the "Holiday Season" gets going.

Does Autumn mean something special to you?
Do you have any fun fall traditions?
Do you even get an Autumn where you live?!

And speaking of crafts...wait, what?! Anyhoo, I tried to make this fabulous painted leaves garland thingy to hang on my mantle and satisfy goal #2 from this post here. I got the idea from this post here and trusted in the awesomeness that is Alisa Burke that I could not go wrong with this. Yeah...the leaves looked so beautiful right after I painted them. And then one day later they had pretty much all dried out and curled up on themselves. And now they look the dead leaves that they are!
But I just can't bring myself to take it down!

later loves


  1. Aww... hehe, a pretty fail nonetheless! Maybe it would work to press them in wax paper next time?? Though it may detract from its natural appearance (creative compost? lol).
    Maybe that painted feather mobile d.i.y I posted this week could be an option for your mantle next?
    Not trying to 'push' a project on ya.. just hoping you don't give up on creating!
    Happy happy fall to you out west! I love all the things you mentioned too.. (I just don't scrapbook, or know those blogs).
    Going to sign off before this turns into an essay! lol
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  2. You just discovered Light a Candle!? Isn't Kaitlyn just the sweetest. I adore her gorgeous curls and the fact that she totally embraces the season and wears the perfect colours for them. So cute!

    What does fall mean to me!? It means change. Big change. Usually I move at the beginning of September or October, so this year is a little weird...
    I am getting my change, though. My job! I had my first story published in Vue Weekly yesterday and there will be plenty more to come between Nov. 15 and Feb. 21. Keep your eyes peeled, my friend. ;)


  3. That's totally awesome! Too bad they dried out - there's gotta be a way to get around that?

    I really like your fireplace - our mantel is (FAKE) brick and in the basement so I never do anything to it :(

  4. And why on earth would you??


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