Thursday, October 04, 2012

Never Ever

Outtake from pumpkin patching with Nicole. Jumping photo fail!

I have never been one to worry about how others see me and my weight. I knew I was fat, and it was fine, because I never thought it got in the way of me living my life the way I wanted to. Or dressing the way I wanted to. Or interacting with people. I wasn't shy because I was fat, I was just shy.

And now that I am losing and have lost so much and look so different from my "before" I am still not worried about what others might be saying about me. And I am not thinking about calories, or that next size down, or that next pound.

But I will never ever get tired of putting on an old shirt that used to be too tight and now is a little too loose.

And I will never ever get tired of my friends telling me I look so awesome, and they are so proud of me. Cause they know how damn hard I work for it.

And I will never ever get tired of automatically grabbing a size 8 to try on instead of a size 14.

And I will never apologize for eating (gluten free) cake and pizza, and having an extra beer at dinner.

I believe in "fat acceptance", or "body acceptance" or whatever you want to call it, because it makes absolutely no sense to me why anyone would ever feel ashamed for their body, whatever it's shape or size might be.

But I will never apologize for wanting to better myself in my own way. And I will never apologize for wanting to look better and feel better in my own way.

Yep. So today I may be a size 8-10-12, and tomorrow I may not be. But I will happy no matter what, because my worth is not determined by my size.

later loves

p.s. This post was inspired by (and linked to) The Nearsighted Owl's excellent "I Am Proud of my Size" blog series. She is wonderful, and you need to check her out.


  1. .... Because my worth is not determined by my size. So very true!

  2. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Ha! That photo is awesome. Also, good on ya for being comfortable with who you are. You're awesome and beautiful and just so damn smart. You have nothing to worry about, my friend.

    And yay for Rachele being so freaking strong and inspiration. I love that girl!

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for your post on my link up as well. I think that people should feel beautiful in any way they can, whether they feel beautiful through exercise (like you), through dressing up, or other ways.

    I am your newest follower and was hoping that you wouldn't mind hoppin' on over to my blog and following me as well!

    Again, well said!

  4. LOVE your words today.


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