Friday, October 05, 2012

Fort Edmonton layouts

Did you think you would get away with reliving this day with me through photos only? That's funny right there! You're just lucky I put them all in one post. HA!


Can I just say that all three of us were supremely disappointed to learn that the train was not running that day! What the deuce?! But we did make it all the way to the Fort & back. It helped that we got Dude his snowcone practically immediately. He was too busy eating to complain...

This next one is supposed to be the "double" of the one above. Matching, but not "matchy matchy"...y'know...

for the scrapbookers...yeah, there's a lot going on here. And it's all good. Right?! I made these layouts at my birthday crop night, using Jill's leftovers that she kept passing over the table to me!

And I didn't even print all of the photos I took. I may need to add an extra photo sleeve to my album for the rest of them. I have a hard time setting the camera down while I'm there. And I was running low on battery power and everything!

later loves


  1. I, unfortunately, never had the patience for scrap-booking. You do a really lovely job!

  2. Great pages :) you totally accomplished the matchy match without being too matchy match ;) (oh that totally just made my spell check cringe!)

    I haven't been to Fort Edmonton in ages. You really make me want to actually do things in this city! Maybe I won't go on vacation after all next summer and just stay home (of course, I'll use your blog as my vacation planner - so keep them coming! ;))

  3. wow, I wish I had the ambition to scrapbook! I can also never make layouts look the way I want. These look so good, I love the style!

  4. These are great-I especially love the muted colours of the first.


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