Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am grateful for...

If you will think back to post #16 in my "30 Days of Being Awesome" series, you might remember something about a "Gratitude List". Now, I am reluctant to call it that because it seems to me that Oprah was a tad obsessed herself with creating "gratitude lists" all the live long day and - minor confession here - I never could stand Oprah....

Oh well, Queen of Talk Shows aside, I do enjoy a good list of things that are awesome in my life. I thought I would share mine here, to maybe inspire you to create your own if you haven't already.

And to make it even MORE awesome, I have done it in scrapbook form. Oh yeah....I'm awesome like that. (geesh Lisa, get over yourself!)
And all the little details...

I am grateful for...
new friends // old friends // "Best Friends Forever" // Zumba // new music
early morning coffee runs at work // autumn colours // my boys
my niece & nephews // notladylike // arts + crafts
colour // personal emails // having a pen pal // Instagram
little adventures // all the random things Dude says!

Also...hay bales.
I know there are more, but this sweet list makes me happy for the time being!

I'll have another "30 Days of Being Awesome" post/prompt this afternoon. I am thoroughly enjoying this project, even as it is falling flat in the real fake Internet world. Oh well....blogging is a personal thing, and this kind of a (public) list inspires me to keep on blogging and keep on keeping on.

later loves

for the scrapbookers: This was a really easy layout to build. I started with one printed Instagram, and then measured all of my squares from there. And then I filled them in. There is pattern paper, and stamps, and stencils. I tried to keep my colours and patterns balanced around the page, and made sure to repeat specific patterns in the handy triangular formation. Most of my embellishments are of the "flat" variety. I have actually found myself relying less and less on traditionl embellishments, and more on my stamp sets, washi tape, and pattern paper to finish off my layouts. That being said, I might need to have some sort of scrapbooking-supplies-online-garage-sale in the near future! Whee!

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