Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Being Awesome....and falling behind!

ACK! Thanksgiving and the (stupid wonderful) Long Weekend totally set me off course with this! So you lucky readers get two tips for being more awesome today...enjoy!

Prompt #17
Donate your old clothing and/or housewares to a local thrift store.

Prompt #18
Buy something from a thrift store.

I am a super fan of thrift store and second-hand shopping! I think it is great for so many reasons: great for the environment, my budget, my sanity....

A lot of thrift stores out there are partnered with a charity, so part of their proceeds either go back into the community or, as in the case of Goodwill, they employ people with disabilities who maybe wouldn't be employed otherwise.

All around goodness, people. Plus, vintage is always in style and you can sometimes swing some very sweet vintage pieces at bargain basement prices!


later loves


  1. These are my goals for the week! I have two garbage bags full of clothes I've been collecting for months and can't wait to get them out of my dining room and to the thrift store! I

    1. Doesn't it just feel so good to get rid of old stuff? Also, that way I don't feel so bad when I buy a bunch of new stuff! HA!

  2. Every time I go through my closet and pick out what I don't need anymore, before I can get those clothes to a thrift shop, my pal Cynthia comes over and takes them ALL away. Seriously, she has a third of my wardrobe at this point. It's kind of hilarious.


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