Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pumpkin Outtakes...

I still cannot get over what an awesome time was had by all at Prairie Gardens two weeks ago. I need to share more of the photos, cause we took so many. Put two dorky bloggers together at a campy pumpkin patch and, well, what else did you expect?!
There were so many pumpkins there, SO MANY! And you could buy them, people. Take that one in for a minute there.....BUY. THEM. But which one? Green? Or white? Or some sort of combination of green, orange & white. Or perhaps, boils are your sort of thing? They were almost mine!

Nicole even got a good picture of a pumpkin that looked like a butt. Oh yes...and everytime I had decided which pumpkin I wanted to accept into my 'forever family' I found a new one that I loved more! Maybe that's Reason #712 why I don't have a puppy...hmmm.

The free "Make & Take" included in admission was a "build your own scarecrow" station. And yes, it was as weird as it sounds. All these really excited Moms & Dads digging through donated (read: super random) pieces of clothing, and stuffing their little people full of straw. Every once and awhile you would hear a "I've got the perfect shirt for Jimmy!" There were all these half filled scarecrows, and formless humanoid shapes littering the small barn.....
And it reminded me - somewhat tastelessly - of what earth would look like after the rapture. When all the goodies get transported up to heaven where they stand, leaving their clothes and earthly goods behind. And the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves against the zombies. So But I got to hug a hay bale (more on that later), so it wasn't all bad!

Ha ha! My partner in crime, Nicole, was up to no good! She started making trouble in the neighbourhood. No fights were had, but she was ready to roll in that handmade knight helmet thingy.

She chose a lovely green & orange speckled creation to take home. And Dude & I went with with three little perfect ones, that are currently sitting on my mantle, deciding what to do.
It the the best of days AND I still have more photos that I haven't shared! What the?! But I think I will save the rest for a scrapbook page....

For those of you in "the Edmonton area" who are interested in all things pumpkin &/or corn maze, Prairie Gardens is open at least until the 28th, when their Haunted Pumpkin Festival is done. I much prefer the Edmonton Corn Maze for superior corn maze action, but this place is fun too. Mostly for the kidlets.

And the dorks.

later loves


  1. And we are dorks alright. Man that was a good day. Such a good freaking day. We need to go on more adventures in the future. We need to find the most ridiculous places and things to do and then we need to do them. Start researching, will you?

    1. Research. I'm good at the research. That's another word for "Google" right?!


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