Monday, October 22, 2012


I think I might have to start posting layouts more often than twice a week. You see, my birthday was in September, a whole month ago, and I am still posting layouts I made using those pictures. It's October 22nd people. But I will be the first to admit that these aren't my most popular posts anymore...for the audience at least. I still love posting them, though, so you're kind of stuck with them! HA!
 Birthdays mean cake, obviously. And there was lots of cake involved in my Birthday Weekend Celebration. Thankfully, I have almost fully explained my gluten-free and dairy-free preferences to my friends and family, so most of my desserts were dietary compliant. Simone & the girls at work got me a super amazing chocolate flourless torte from Bon Ton Bakery in town. Ermegherd it was so delicious, and so rich and chocolately! Holy doodle.

Nadine & Mom both baked gluten-free & dairy-free cupcakes and a cake (respectively). Both also very delicious! Dad went for the standard Marble Slab ice cream cake, so after my tiny little piece my tummy was screaming at me! But it was still delicious...if not a little "inflammatory"!

For the scrapbookers...if you're still out there: The misting along the edge is a happy accident. I used this sheet as a mask for another layout, and kept it all this time (well...duh) just in case. Ink is Hero Arts NEON pink & dark blue. Chevron stamp is one I designed & carved myself. "Smile" is from Pebbles. Letters are American Crafts Thickers that I pushed into the blue ink and let dry.

later loves


  1. *I* like the birthday layouts - even a month later :)

    If your neon pink ink goes missing, I totally snuck into your house and nabbed it - just sayin ;)

    1. Thanks...I like them as well. Helping me re-live the glory days!

      Maybe you should put in a word with Chantel and get these ink pads moving towards a store near you......wink!

  2. I love the rainbow misting! Balla.


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