Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Long Time in the Making

I started penning this post the day after my birthday. I wanted to remember all that I was feeling about my weekend, and about getting older, and about where I'm at now compared to where I want to be.

And I wondered what this post would have looked like if I started writing it on Saturday night instead. Oh Sunday....this happens every time....

I am actually having a hard time putting in to words what I am feeling today, but I think I need to try. I'm thinking that maybe I should just turn off the brain and let it all just be whatever it is. And not over think it. And not worry about what could be, or what could have been.

I kind of felt on top of the world that weekend. I had four days of amazing friends, & food, & family. I went on a little adventure. I went to a movie. I got a record player and listened to some fabulous classic tunes.

And I felt really young and alive. Even surrounded by all the hipsters at the movie! Wink!

And I felt as light as a feather (except after all that food on Saturday night, oi vay!)

And even with all my over-thinking things, I feel like I am in a really good place.

I feel like I don't really need or want to change anything. I had an amazing summer. I am doing fine at work and with my other commitments. I am doing more exciting things than I ever thought possible, and my life seems really full. I could always use more time, but that kind of goes without saying!

September is always a positive month for me. With my birthday, and the changing seasons I always feel more alive and capable of pretty much anything. I want to do whatever I can to continue this feeling into the winter and the New Year (if I can swing it).

More on my "Fall Goals" later; aka stuff I'm going to write down and say I'm going to do and then probably never do, but maybe I'll do something cooler.

later loves


  1. Happy belated birthday! Ah, to be able to turn off my brain and not over think things- what I would give :) Great post! I could definitely benefit by writing something like this!

  2. You should write a book girlfriend. Amazing stuff.

  3. Love you lots lisa! You deserve to feel this way all the time! xo


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