Monday, October 08, 2012

A Beautiful Surprise

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the species, "scrapbookers" are a unique & wonderful group. We see the world a little differently, much like a photographer does I imagine. We see the details, & the colours, & the "behind the scenes" that maybe other people miss. We build layouts as we move through the world. We are already matching paper to outfits & thinking of colours and embellishments we have at home that might work.

I am less worried now about the matching as I used to be. I see this hobby as my craft & an extension of my art. But I still try to make sure I have captured as much of the moment with my camera as I can, so when I get home I can properly tell the story.

You can go ahead and imagine lots of words in those blank spots!

This story starts off with an email from Nadine. Kara was coming to town for a buying show on her birthday, and planning to meet Nadine for dinner on the Saturday night. And wouldn't it be completely amaze-balls if a bunch of extra people that Kara knows and loves - aka us - showed up at dinner as well and surprised the tears right out of her eyeballs?

The answer: "Yes. Yes it would."

So while the photos are beyond blurry, and I am so not good at taking dark restaurant photos at the best of times (forget after I've had two beers and a belly-dancing lesson), I think they all help tell the story of that time Kara thought she was going to dinner with Nadine & ended up eating Greek food & cupcakes with a bunch of dorks.

later loves


  1. A beautiful surprise and a beautiful LO to remember it! And your next post MUST be a video of you belly dancing.

  2. best birthday ever!!! and p.s. I love my dorks the best....cause I fit right in!!!


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