Thursday, September 06, 2012

the Farmer and the Market

This farmer's market has been part of my story since my childhood. But back then I never put much thought into it. I was coming here before the "eat local" movement, and before people jumped on the "organic-know-the-guy-who-grows-your-tomatoes" bandwagon. Farmer's markets weren't cool or hipster. They just were.
What to Wear - Farmer's Market

I don't remember any specifics about being here. I just get a warm, nostalgic feeling on Thursday nights outside my high school and the neighbourhood Rec Centre. When I find a spot in the lot, or wander over with the boys. And get my first glimpse of the tents and trucks above the trees.

Kettle corn, Fat Franks, and mini donuts get the lineups, but it's the fresher-than-fresh fruits and veggies that we come for. And the Butcher Bus! And sometimes a hot dog for dinner......
Farmer's Market goodies!

My hands and cloth bag are usually full within moments, even though I like to take a walk through to see who has what. I smell the dill before I see it. And I spend far too much time looking for the skinniest carrots in the pile. And I smile at the Holden Colony men, who have your purchase in a waiting plastic bag before you can say "please".

This is an important summer ritual for me, and I hope we don't lose our little Thursday night market to the bigger and more fashionable ones around town.

The "What to Wear" group has added another brave soul to the fold. If you too would like to share a fabulous fashion with the world every second Thursday, drop somebody a line and we'll get YOU added as well!

And that, my friends, is what to wear to a farmer's market. I would like to thank Dude, who despite not knowing how to use a camera, and foiling my aperture setting when he zoomed in on my face, did a pretty damn good job taking some photos of me! Thanks bud!!

later loves


  1. love it! cute outfit, looks super cozy.

  2. Oh that's a really nice shirt, I love prints like that. I love that you actually have things to show that you bought, nothing beats fresh veggies!


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