Thursday, September 06, 2012

Currently...September 6

Currently...Sept 6, Re-arranging all the furniture on the main floor. Well maybe not "all"!!
9:46pm, basement computer

drinking: organic chamomile tea....the last bag!
eating: nothing. I am still full from Chinese for dinner
listening: My "Dos" playlist
working on: blogging with intention
should be working on: the dishes aren't going to do themselves
planning: some minor DR "renovations"...stay tuned!
wishing: I could be more confident in the knowledge that people might actually like spending time with me
hoping: that my "love lisa" wasn't too much....shit....
loving: one week, just Dude & I
needing: a break from Dude....

Currently...Sept 6, While re-arranging my main floor, some items are homeless for a little while! A little extra clutter...
I have re-arranged a bunch of furniture on my main floor. Which means things need new homes that are currently occupied by other things that need new homes, and so on, and so on. So in addition to the constant clutter that is my dining room table, I have added all these other little piles of stuff here and there and everywhere.

They haven't started aggravating me quite yet, as it's just me and Dude in the house this week and he only notices mess if it's blocking his view of the TV. True story.

And anyway, I hope BFF will lend me his carpentry eye this weekend and help me hang some as-yet-to-be-purchased shelves and I can get rid of some of this clutter. I think I finally have my DR Wall Problem solved! If all works out, I am going to be quite the happy camper.

But for now, I am procrastinating cleaning up in preparation of hanging shelves. This time procrastination looks like working on blog posts and cleaning bathrooms.

My bathrooms are always so clean when I am procrastinating a larger task. Go figure!

later loves

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  1. You are awesome to hang out with! xxx


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