Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ride Baby Ride

Howdy folks! It is a gorgeous day out today! It's funny how fall weather in Edmonton can change over the course of the day so greatly. This morning I donned a sweater, tights, long socks & boots. I turned the heat on in the car, as well as the heated seats. And I relished every drop of my hot coffee on the drive downtown.

And yet as I emerged from my windowless perch on the 8th floor this afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised by all the heat and the sun making the orange and yellow leaves glow. And the necessity of sunglasses and a tank top present itself!

And I immediately regret my earlier donning of said sweater, tights, socks & boots!

But alas! I am not one to waste a beautiful and rare fall day. Who knows how many of these final days of summer are left in the year. After leaving work early - swinging a birthday favour - and hitting up the gym, I thought I would take the bike out for a spin...

But my bike had other plans. In that, the valves on both of the tires have given up on life, and choose instead to let all of the air out of said tires. No matter how many loonies I put in that dang machine at the Sev to fill them up! So I didn't get to go for that ride. But I would have looked pretty sweet cruising through the hood with all my colours a-blazing.

And what would a fashion post be without a "blooper reel"?! I pulled out the heavy-duty camera to take these photos this afternoon and had to re-learn how to change all of the settings. Including the zoom, apparently.....

And since I am not the only supremely awesome internet-lady who may or may not have attempted to ride a bike looking all sassy this week, please check out my "What to Wear" pals.

Our next What to Wear - on October 4th - is to a pumpkin patch. Looks like I gots to find me one of those.....

later loves


  1. That's the dress you were wearing when we met... (she says creepily.)

    You are adorable and I so totally need me some bright yellow tights. Those are amazing! Like, for serious, I need some in my life. Too cute. Also, the boots and socks with them take them all the way up into next level cuteness. You, my friend, are adorbs.

  2. I love the outfit! gray and mustard yellow are some of my favorite colors.

  3. Very, very cute outfit! I can't pick my favorite thing about it... the dress, the tights, the boots. It all works so well and I love it :)

  4. Love the dress and the tights!! Love that smile, too! So cute! <3

  5. I can't believe I missed your What to Wear--your tights look amazing with that dress! I love it :-) Sorry to hear about your tires, though--sounds like a leaky tube or two.

  6. What an awesome dress, especially with those tights! I love myself some nice colours :) Bummer thought that your bike wouldn't work! xo

  7. You outfit is adorable as are you. period.

  8. These pics (except the blooper ones) could be in a fashion mag!


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