Friday, August 31, 2012

When the mood strikes...

Whenever I get together with BFF I begin to feel refreshed, recharged, in top form. And as soon as I get home I immediately put all this kinetic energy to work...painting, scrapbooking, cleaning, drawing, writing.....

Last night the painting bug won out, and I spent my late hours at the DR table flexing my art muscles.
This is what the canvas looked like "before" I started in on, yeah. Kind of boring.
And this is an "in progress" shot I took this morning. Looking much better.
Before & In Progress. Canvas the Second.
And a close up...
To be honest, I don't really know what to do with these guys now. I'm good with backgrounds, but I always hesitate when it comes to putting a subject on anything.

I spent a little bit of time earlier in the week painting as well. And since I have no hesitation when it comes to painting over old work, I have loads of canvases ready to go whenever this mood strikes!
Before...this guy has seen many layers, many incarnations.
I really love this last one. A lot. I drew my inspiration from Dina Wakley's latest pieces. There is nothing that speaks to me more than a simple sketched face, on a colourful backdrop. I had to dig out my oil pastels for this one...and now I have a feeling that they will be in heavy rotation for the next little bit!

And I'm realizing now that these pictures aren't really the greatest....but I never claimed to be a photographer. I hope you can see where my passion truly lies.

later loves

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