Friday, August 31, 2012

August Book List

Oh man...I love reading! If I could read professionally, for a living, I would be in heaven! Yiptee hoorah, and jazz hands, and fist pumps and all that.

Dave Cooks The Turkey by Stuart McLean (borrowed from Dan)
Payback: The Shadow Side of Wealth by Margaret Atwood
Drive by Sallis (library)
Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (Kindle, re-read)
Ablutions: Notes for a Novel by Patrick deWitt
Toys by James Patterson (borrowed from my Dad)
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown (borrowed from my Dad)

Dave Cooks The Turkey was so hilarious! And a lovely quick read. Stuart McLean is a great story teller.

Oryx & Crake is still amazing. I read it (out of order in its "trilogy") last year and opened it back up this month to read at the gym. More dystopic stuff, but this one is very pessimistic and science-y! And man-o-man...does Margaret Atwood ever make you believe that her future is completely and totally possible! She is a genius my friends. I'm currently re-reading pt.2 at the gym.

I read TWO Atwood titles this month...heavy. Payback is non-fiction, and packed full of delicious debt-related goodies! I don't think I've ever read any non-fiction from her before, but I was very impressed! If you've never read her stuff before, I highly recommend it. She is funny & witty. She writes about heavy topics with the average joe in mind, so you learn something, but you don't light your brain on fire! This title is about how debt is part of the human condition, the history of debt and repayment in our culture, and how these themes are part of our psyche (and why and how). So wonderful! Thanks BFF for the recommendation!

Not Recommended
There was a couple of meh/terrible books in the midst this month. I guess they can't all be gems. Both Drive and Ablutions are NOT on my recommended list. They were both only okay, and not really my style. I might permanently lend Ablutions out, if anyone is interested. I really enjoyed The Sisters Brothers by the same author. Ablutions was his first novel, I think. If you hadn't read the part about it being "notes for a novel," the writing style and pace would seem really (really) odd. I kept waiting for something else to happen, or for them to explain it better (or at all really). BFF also recommended this one...I guess you can't win them all!

Toys and Digital Fortress were both awful. Just awful. Not my style AT ALL and I figured out the "plot twist" right away in both of them. And the writing was bad. And there seemed to be a lot of veiled sexism in both! I wonder if either author knows any real women.

Last year I made it to my 52 books in December. I'm thinking I'll get there next month, if I keep up this pace. I'll have to revise my goal for next year. Or add more challenges within it, or something. I still have to read THIRTEEN borrowed/second-hand books, which I might not make. I thought that one would be easier, but it turns out that it's not! Whoops!

Okay September. This is the month of reading ONLY borrowed & second-hand books. You can do it...

later loves

p.s. In terms of more challenges for next year's list, I've already thought of something that you can join me in! Keep your eyes on the blog!

p.p.s I need to work on my digital collages....I think an investment in some sort of "real" photo-editing software is in my future. I am so reluctant to do that!!!

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