Friday, August 31, 2012

Tree Huggers

More vacation layouts. I actually have kind of forgotten about my Vancouver Island trip...bad Lisa! I blame the fact that it was right after school ended, which was oh so long ago. And I have been filling every moment of my summer since with delicious goodness.

I love trees. I love the texture of the bark. And the height and the depth. And the life. I could take one hundred photos of one hundred trees and never get sick of it.

We took these photos in Stanley Park, in Vancouver. There was that one tree-hole that I stuck my bum in. And that other dead tree that Lucas posed within. And that plaque, that says something like "Trees for Tomorrow 1968".

I might just post this fella on the TM Inspiration for those who are so inclined, check there for a full supplies list, etc. Cause I know not all of you are. "So inclined" that is!

later loves

p.s. I have been trying to reconcile my environmentalist with my "I scrapbook for a company" persona. These two are often at odds because I need to showcase new product for my job, but I also hate buying more stuff. So I have found a compromise. The background of the page is a page from my old anthro notes. In your face paleolithics! (that's anthro-speak for "pre-historic stone tools"...I learned you something today! Yay me!)

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