Wednesday, August 01, 2012

When I Go A-Webbering

I hate badly designed websites. I really do. I was pricing out some appointment cards at work the other day, at my glamorous day job, and if I found myself on a website that wasn't immediately user-friendly, easy to maneuver and good-looking, I closed the tab.

If you can't give me a website that I can use easily, I don't want to do business with you. End of story.

I think the same goes with blogging. If your blog isn't readable, I'm not going to read it.


And yet sometimes, a website that doesn't immediately work for me, works in my favour.

I am supposed to be on a self-imposed online shopping BAN. Ha that's set in stone or something. But when I saw that my two favourite pair of shoes are ON SALE on the Blowfish website, all my will power went out the gall-darned window and I filled my cart right up.

And then I got this message...meaning it wasn't going to be 100% easy for me to place this order.
And for this I say: "Thank you Blowfish Shoes".

And so I do not have a couple of pairs of cheap shoes headed my way. So what. I will put that money towards some shelves, a night out with friends, or "Mexico 2013, The Godin Wedding Experience".

And that feels much better than new shoes ever could!

later loves

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  1. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Haha. I love this!! I'm with you on badly designed websites. (That's part of the reason I redesigned my blog a few months ago. If I hate bad sites, then I damn well shouldn't have one!)

    I so badly want to do some online shopping, but today I received a box full of giveaway goodies from Salvaged Strawberry that has helped me resist the urge.


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