Thursday, August 02, 2012

Back in The Swing of Things

I worked at crop last week (by myself - BFF, I so love you for bringing me a coffee) so I got a whole whack-load of layouts finished. That's lots I think. But I am having that problem lately where I can't seem to get my camera on the right setting, or find the right light. Poot. So here goes nothing...
This month I got these strange and wonderful chipboard stickers to play with. Well, what I mean is that I gave them to myself when dishing out "staff kits" at the store! HA! They are strange to look at in the package, but quite cute once you start working with them. Expect one on pretty much every layout you see here for the next little bit.

Also, please be advised that many of these upcoming layouts are of road trip memory-making and keeping. Most. Like, 92% at least.

later loves

p.s. if any of you are keen on getting more info about my layouts (products, techniques, etc.) please let me know in the Comments! I have been keeping these posts pretty low key lately, but I know there are some TM LURKERS OUT THERE that might like the extra info.

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