Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tee Re-Fashion SUCCESS!

This afternoon I thought I would share a little "re-fashioning" I did of this most rad-tacular tee I bought in one of my latest Thrift Shopping Success Stories. I mean, how could I say no to this one!? It's soft (oh so soft). It's the perfect shade of grey. And it has faces all over it. But it's not the most flattering fit for me: sleeves too long, neck too tight.
So I got it in my head that I could make it look more like my current favourite tees from Joe. These boat-neck fellas are receiving some mad rotation in my wardrobe right now.

 Starting off, I had to cut down the arms. I used the Joe tee as a guide for the angle I wanted.

To get about the same cut on the other arm, I used the discards of the first cut as a guide.

The neck was simple as well. I cut into the main seam at the top, a couple of inches. Then started rolling the fabric down. If there was extra bulk, I snipped off a piece of the fabric that wouldn't be showing. I did this on the front and the back. Then I pinned it all down. Same with the arms.
And then I stitched. With black thread. So you can totally see the thread, but I'm not too worried.

Cause I think it was a total success!
I look pretty epic if I do say so myself. And this mini sewing project has giving me some confidence to start on my skirt-from-scratch project that I want to try. Heck, I even went out and bought a fancy zipper for said as-of-yet-imaginary skirt. Maybe I'll wear it with this tee for double confidence!

Or maybe will be a bit "clashing"...


later loves

p.s. check back tomorrow to see how I styled this shirt for a Fashion Un-Able Errand Run!


  1. That is an awesome remake Lisa!! I am thinking of taking a sewing class (yikes)! You are giving me inspiration!

    1. I have also been thinking about taking a basic sewing class. I mostly need help with the more complicated stitches...anything other than "straight"! HA!

      I am thinking I will go here: Little Button Sewing Studio

  2. Anonymous8:40 pm

    That shirt is bad ass! (Especially after the remake. Great choice on the boat-neck.)

    In other news, I received your card today and even before I read it, put on the bracelet! We are so totally BFFs now. Tomorrow I will start a bracelet for you and you are not allowed to take it off, like ever! Deal? ;)

    Thank you so much. I'm turbo pumped on this pen pal situation and I promise I'll be taking you up on that beer sometime in the not so distant future!


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