Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gluten Free Beer Trials - Part Three

This is the third in a (hopefully) never ending gluten-free beer trials in my house. I've already got another one on deck for next week!
This one is all Spanish, all the time! And "estrella" means "star" in Spanish, which me-likey! It's a lighter coloured beer, and has a little more bitter taste to it compared to the Bard's and La Messegere.

And on the Lisa-scale of rating beer, it gets about a 7? I dunno. It was okay, but not my standard preferred flavour. And it only comes in a 4-pack.

But it seems to be the beer of choice at my "local" liquor store. They re-stocked this one, and I promptly bought them out of the other brand! HA!

later loves

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