Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sweet Dorky Spinster Librarian

That is how I would describe this outfit, and how I feel while wearing it. "Spinster" because I have learned from BFF that I could never be a (cool) bachelor, only a cat-lady spinster who buys pre-cooked chickens and tubs of ice cream from the neighbourhood Safeway before heading over the neighbouring liquor store to pick up a box of wine...

Librarian because they are awesome and probably own as many if not more cardigans than me.

So, I haven't been to the gym in awhile, and I have been lax with my "no-gluten" rule so my belly was not pleased with this shorter-than-average shirt the other day. I need to "road test" my outfits before I take them for an official spin to work on a Monday morning. But thank heavens for statement necklaces and best friends to send you these necklaces from afar. A.k.a. Lethbridge. Hi Kara!

I have an idea for a new "limited run" blog feature, featuring this type of outfit, of all things. It may or may not happen this month (or next)...

"He was, I suppose, somewhat like the teacher at the blackboard who explains and draws diagrams and gives examples, and then upon asking the question of understanding finds that no one has received his message - and fears in anger that everyone's time has been utterly wasted. Or, perhaps, it is merely the mistake that adults sometimes make in talking to children thinking that they are talking to other adults who share their knowledge and their views. Explaining the facts of life to those who have as yet no interest in such a subject, and who would probably be more interested in eating cookies."
- from No Great Mischief by Alistair McLeod

later loves


  1. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Are you in for tomorrow's What to Wear to a bonfire? I sure hope so. Also, I adore the colour of that cardigan. And screw BFF. You can totally be a cool bachelor... although you're kind of married. But whatevs.

  2. Yeah to Kara and new necklaces..... I have one coming... The coral one. So exciting.


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