Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's A Full Life

Just when I thought I was having a rough Monday, all it took was a little wander through my photo library to see what a kick-ASS summer I have been having!

We just got back from a lovely weekend at the lake, celebrating Dude's 7th birthday. It was hot - oh so hot - but loads of fun was had and I can't wait until out next tent-trip.

Dude with his beach ball. Captain smushing some castles.
 Beach time. Dude & Captain love the beach. Mostly for playing in the water, grabbing handfuls of rocks, and smashing any sort of castle I have made. With foot or hand, they're not picky!

Happy Birthday Dude!
Grandma brought a cake and lots of snacks, and we had a wiener roast on the beach in honour of Dude's 7th year. He got loads of sweet presents and was quite happy to have the "big party" he was hoping for.

Dude indeed...some of his finer camping moments.
Dude is used to camping with Grandma & Grandpa in their powered trailer. Having to sit outside so much was - obviously - quite a revelation for him, but he adjusted with headlamp for colouring and sleeping bag for waking up in the cold AM.

Please note: Most of the photos I feature on this blog are of Dude. That is the nature of my photography. I take the photos in my family, and while I do take photos of myself, they are mostly of the "Fashion Un-Able" or "Self-Portrait" variety. I find that most of my visual storytelling is in the form of Dude-photos, and right now I am completely okay with that. It is a rare moment that I am in front of the camera when it is in the hands of Russel. But thankfully, this happens occasionally, and has the chance to celebrate the ridiculousness that is my "camp-hair."

Such is life with kids, peeps!

later loves


  1. Cuuuute pictures! Dude sure knows how to camp, haha. xo

  2. Fun! What lake is that, it looks really nice.

    1. Wizard Lake. I don't pay attention when we drive down there, but it's south of Leduc. Maybe by Calmar? Less than an hour away. Really nice beach and day use area. It's popular with the boating crowd, so you get to watch boats speed around all day.


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